THE FOREST SPIRIT. Hand painted bag.

Only in the depths of Lithuanian forests  you can meet this FOREST SPIRIT which is crowned with birds and flowers.

One of a kind, handmade bag.

Cherry 42x36cm size cotton and polyester bag with playfully checkered inside lining, two convenient size pockets and a keyring.

The bag has long (70cm) leather handles.

The picture is one of a kind ant not going to be repeated.

Made with love and smiles in Lithuania.

Picture on the bag is one of a kind and will not be made again. The author of the picture is Inga Gilė. If by any chance you want something similar or completely different, please contact us.

Looking after the bag is super easy  and the most important part is love.  Carry it around stuffed with all your necessary belongings joyfully, do not leave the bag on its own for too long and please do not hide from the world. Bags with hand made picture on it are not

afraid of water. You can wash the bag by hand or use a washing machine (not higher than 30°C). But DO NOT rumple or wring it. You can also iron the bag but put a piece of cloth over the picture so the heat won‘t ruin it.

IMPORTANT: Colour might be slightly different because of different computer or phone screen settings.